Should children have exams?

Exam –  a test of a student’s knowledge or skill in a particular subject.

If you do exams, they are stressful, time consuming, tiring, it’s also a lot to remember. Exams encourage students to work, learn and do there best. Exams help in developing ones own personality and confidence.

But if you don’t do exams, the teacher won’t know what topics you struggle with, it’s difficult to get into a college or university, people won’t be able to tell if they have made progress or not. If exams are not written, people’s future could be affected.


Letting Go of Home

I really enjoyed reading this.

True North Nomad

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For years I dreamed of travelling this fabulous continent with only a camper van and my best friend, (and hubby in case you are new to the blog) Q.  I was heavy into my career, building, growing, climbing that corporate ladder but as I sat in my office staring out the windows I would dream of being somewhere else.  I felt stifled, uninspired in my life.  I was successful but I felt empty inside like something was missing.

Snippets of the life I truly wanted were granted to me via holidays and vacations but once I returned to my life of commute, home, commute, I would quickly push those memories away so I wouldn’t be reminded I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.  With obligations growing I worked on, adding responsibilities to my job and knick knacks to my house.  Over time I would forget the feelings the vacations…

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Big Pink

I found this very descriptive and truthful.


The pink building on the corner.

I couldn’t resist.

Even though the building is bright — sort of Pepto Bismol — pink, which contrasted nicely against last Sunday’s blue sky, I just had to mess with it.

I have no idea why anybody would paint a building this color. It is for sale. Maybe it was done to attract passersby attention. It worked. It caught my attention. But, I was walking through the neighborhood on my way back to the car after photographing the second line.

I was tired. The weather was hot and a little humid so I didn’t spend much time making the original image. This may be another place to which I should return. We’ll see. I now have four locations on my list. Even though this picture could have been a bit boring processed straight, I was able to mess around in post production. And, turn…

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