Antarctica, One Last Dream (Part 3)

I found it very interesting.

Searching For Elsewhere

Day 4-5 The Seventh Continent

I dipped my hand in freezing sea, holding my GoPro camera as tight as I could, and felt my fingers go numb. When I could no longer endure the biting cold, I pulled my hand out of the water and only then did I realise that I had been holding the camera upside down the entire time. But I had no time to curse my stupidity; just then a playful juvenile humpback whale breached clear out of the water, performed a perfect half-twist against a backdrop of the most incandescent, vivid mountains, and landed back in the water with a thunderous thump.

whale jump.jpgHumpback whales socialising

Earlier that morning, I had awoken to Shane, our expedition leader’s chirpy morning call; “Good morning everyone!” He always put too much emphasise on the m in the morning, as if he was delightfully surprised at the fact that the…

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