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Inter-house Athletics…

Inter-house athletics, we have ours on one Saturday every year. From 7.20 am – 4.30 pm – the whole day which is going to be a very long day. From registration first thing to prize giving the last, tomorrow will be a very busy day. The weather forecast says it’s going to rain tomorrow afternoon, I hope it doesn’t because then the day will get prospered to another day and the sports day will get dragged on. But then again, it’s only one day out of our whole life, so it’s quite insignificant if you think about it.

At least I don’t have to just sit and do nothing all day, I can help with activities and hopefully it’ll make the day go by faster. Also at least we’re getting a break halfway through the day to get some energy. But I know the atmosphere will be energetic and lively because of all the people sitting on the benches cheering and clapping for there friends and house. It will be an intense day waiting to see which house will win the athletics and which house will win the House spirit trophy.

The parents will be watching enthusiastically to see where their children are and if they’re running or not. If they are, cheering and clapping as their children go by. Also, looking at the stands and seeing the three houses colours – blue, green and red. I’m interested to see how everything turns out…

Is breakfast overrated – article

I read the article – is breakfast overrated – and I found it really interesting because I have breakfast. People from different universities tried to prove that if you eat breakfast, you don’t put on weight. They did lots of research by using volunteers to carry on eating breakfast if they did, or not eat breakfast if they usually didn’t, or if they usually ate breakfast, to stop eating it for a couple of weeks and see if any of the three different categories of volunteers lost or gained any weight. The university researchers proved that if you do eat breakfast it didn’t matter, you won’t put on weight. It depends on you – if you want to eat breakfast or don’t

Each study was fairly short-term, however, and involved a limited range of volunteers. More randomized experiments are needed before we can fully understand the impact of breakfast, said the professor who led the study of lean people. It’s not yet clear, for instance, whether heavy people’s bodies respond differently to morning meals than lean people’s, or if the timing and makeup of breakfast matters.



Ants – tiny creatures that are incredible.

From the ground up everything is enormous to them, trees must nearly reach the sky and humans must be giants. They’re always in danger with other bigger and scarier animas not seeing them and stepping on them. The distance they cover is incredible, one step to us must seem like thousands to them. As a community they achieve, as a team they win. There is an intelligence in their simplicity that enables such a basic creature to coordinate and cooperate.

Ants are the strongest creatures in relation to their size. There are more than 10,000 known ant species found across the globe. Some species of ant ps have been in existence for around 10 million years. Ants survived a mass extinction event that wiped out many dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago.

Robin Williams’s death: a reminder that suicide and depression are not selfish – my thoughts on the article

Robin Williams’s death years ago was devastating and

Reading the article, everything that was mentioned I have to totally agree with. The article was written in such a way that I feel I know so much more about depression and suicide. It has made me change my views instantly about what I though depression was and it has made me more cautious about what say to people.

The article was detailed and had facts and evidence that supported what was being said. The article has made me feel completely different, and I understand now from reading the article what the people with depression may be thinking and feeling. I guess you never really know what depression is and don’t understand it until you are depressed.

I personally think that the article may be right saying that “suicide and depression isn’t selfish” (my opinion) and, like the article mentioned if you say that “suicide and depression is selfish (your opinion) than you might just be ignoring what the people maybe thinking and feeling. The article gave great points to justify what was said which were proven to be right, as well as backing up there points. Depression is a mental illness where you may have feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

The day I…

The day I was born, I remember nothing, I was too young. I don’t need to remember it either, the important thing is to remember what makes you happy. As time goes on like it always does, some memories will fade and be forgotten to be replaced by new and exciting ones.

That one day has changed my life forever, but in a positive way. Because if it wasn’t that day I would be born.

Here’s What Every N.F.L. Team Did During the National Anthem on Sunday


On Sunday, more than 40 players, many of them on the 49ers, sat or knelt on one knee during renditions of the “Star-Spangled Banner” in the 15 National Football League games, compared with 180 players in all 16 games a week earlier. A week after leaguewide demonstrations during the national anthem, most teams scaled back on Sunday. The majority of players stood, but several knelt and others raised their fists.

The Seattle Seahawks were on the field for the national anthem before their game on Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts, but a group of six players, led by Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, sat on the bench for the duration of the song. The rest of the Seahawks were standing, scattered on the sidelines in a far more disorganized grouping than most teams have chosen, while the Colts were on the sidelines with locked arms. Andrew Luck, the injured Colts quarterback, was shown during the NBC broadcast singing along to the song.

In a statement far stronger than anything offered in the game’s earlier in the day, Marshawn Lynch entered Sports Authority Field wearing an “Everybody vs Trump” t-shirt before the Oakland Raiders’ game against the Denver Broncos. Lynch followed up his noteworthy arrival by resuming his standard practice of sitting during the anthem. His Raiders teammates, who mostly knelt or sat last week, were all standing. The Broncos, as the team had previously announced, all stood for the anthem, with Brandon Marshall, who joined Colin Kaepernick in kneeling last season, raising a fist.

Should children have exams?

Exam –  a test of a student’s knowledge or skill in a particular subject.

If you do exams, they are stressful, time consuming, tiring, it’s also a lot to remember. Exams encourage students to work, learn and do there best. Exams help in developing ones own personality and confidence.

But if you don’t do exams, the teacher won’t know what topics you struggle with, it’s difficult to get into a college or university, people won’t be able to tell if they have made progress or not. If exams are not written, people’s future could be affected.